RuneScape – King Black Dragon Free Papercraft

This papercraft is the King Black Dragon, based on the MMORP game RuneScape. The paper model is created by ccpapercrafts. The King Black Dragon ( KBD) is the 28th strongest monster in RuneScape, but it was the strongest monster available to kill when it was released. He was the second dragon ever created by one of Kerapac’s fellow dragonkin. One century later, he was released into the wild due to the failed experiments, but the Queen Black Dragon was held in captivity due to her being more close to dragonkin. Recently, the King Black Dragon has lost popularity since most of the loot that it drops may be acquired from monsters that are easier to kill, such as the Giant Mole in Falador Park. He is still fought, however, by clans or individuals looking to pass time or just for the experience of killing it. Additionally, many players choose to kill the King Black Dragon in hopes of receiving a draconic visage. Even though some easier monsters drop similar loot, the KBD drops high-priced items very often so it still can remain a good source of money. The King Black Dragon also has a very high rate drop of crimson charms, comparable to waterfiends and drops 4 of any charm at a time. Due to his stab and, in particular, range weakness the king black dragon can be used as a decent source of charms at higher levels, though rock lobsters and waterfiends are better unless you have a black dragons task.

RuneScape – King Black Dragon

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